About Twinkle Green

Twinkle Green’s selection embodies the Southern ideals of frugality and making do with the items at hand.  Combining the craftsman’s skill and the decorator’s eye, what was once a shutter can live again as a bookcase.  What was once a warehouse door can live again as a table top.  What was once a component of industrial equipment can live again as a light fixture or to support an end table.

Proprietor Pam Pinckney has built the business on her realization that repurposing and upcycling something ordinary can give rise to a look that is both unique and versatile.  From the beach house to the lake house to the living room at home, Twinkle Green can offer the accent or the centerpiece for space that you will enjoy living in.

Twinkle Green is supplied by a network of artisans whose creations tend to one-of-a-kind.  The product line is rounded out with furniture from national manufacturers selected to reflect a consistent philosophy.  Please review our photographs for an introduction to the Twinkle Green look and visit one of our locations if you are intrigued with the idea that the ordinary can be transformed into something extraordinary.